Con of the Facebook dating app, it can give access to cheaters too, as per the source

United States is now 20th country to have the access to use new dating features by facebook as the new dating app from facebook was recently launched in United States.



It has many new features. Some of them are it does not allow other users to see your relationship status that is available in facebook, even if you log in using your facebook id. This app does not allow you to have a match with your friends on Facebook so indirectly they are helping people to cheat.

Some things that you need to know before registering in any Dating app

Nowadays, registering in any dating app is natural. They are great platforms where you can meet different type of people from different part of the world. You can even make great friends. But before that, you need to know some things.



They are:-

  1. Don’t text just after you open your account. Wait a little.
  2. Try to be clear to yourself
  3. Don’t judge
  4. Don’t open account without good rating app.
  5. Know someone before meeting them or going on any date with any person.

Once again, your personal details can be available to third parties, be cautious

Nowadays, almost everyone is using dating apps for fun and to have a great time. To open an account on any dating app, you need to register yourself by using your facebook id or email id.


After than you can edit your personal details on the app. But, are your personal details safe? According to many sources and statistics, many popular dating apps are leaking their users personal information to third parties for their own gain. So, before using any app, be cautious and don’t share too many details.

Female entrepreneurs can get upto $5000 grant by dating app. Yes, it’s true!

Who says you can only have fun on dating apps? If you are a woman entrepreneur, you can now gain from using dating app too!


Dating app Bumble has declared a upcoming competition which will take place in India, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Australia, Singapore and the Philippines. The name of the competition is APAC Bumble Bizz Pitch Competition. The prize money will be given to women who are giving money and resources for the businesses in countries of Asia. The amount of award money is $5000.

The unique features of various types of dating apps and their speciality, find out by reading this

In the era of technology, there are many types types of dating apps available in the internet world. Every app has some unique feature and is different from other apps.


But, no matter what, every app can not be right for you, so before using any apo, find out which one will give you the best experience.

  • Try something that does not have limited features
  • Some apps are only for making friends, so decide what do you want
  • Decide if you want to pay to use the app or not

The reasons that Happn is safe to use, know it here

Happn is a new app which is recently launched in the internet world and from then, it became very popular among its users.


But, is it safe? Happn allows people to connect with new people using their GPS. It is popular both in India and many other countries. It is available in android and iOS platform. You can send request to people and if they give permission, you can start texting or even calling. This app is easy to use and 100% safe. You can use it anytime you want.

The Tinder users can now face reality shows on this app too, according to the app

Dating is fun and interesting. But it would be even more interesting if you get to have a chance of facing new reality shows on your favourite dating app, right?



Recently, Tinder launched a new reality show, Swipe Night, on their app. It started on October 6, 2019 in US. It is now known as apocalyptic adventure, as the source said. Here, you can play the lead role, you have to face real life situations and turning points and based on that, have to make moral decision.

Unique features of the app, SHIP, that helps you to date without feeling any guilt

Dating is fun, right? Especially when you don’t want to take things seriously, does not have time for commitments, does not want to face complications in a serious relationship and does not want to make false promises.



That’s where dating app comes in handy. Many types of dating apps are available on the market. Every app is different from the others. The features are also different. SHIP is another dating dating app where you can have fun without any headache. It has a friend option where you can make friends too.

Some things that you need to know before registering on Tinder and using it

Tinder is a famous and well known dating app. It is available both in android and iOS platform.



But, before registering on this app, you need to know some things:-

  • You have to log in using your facebook id, that way they can understand if you are a real person or if it is a fake profile.
  • Tinder is famous for its swipe feature. But if someone disturbs you, you can report their profile or simply can block them.
  • Premium version is also available for this app.

China bans Tantan dating app from app store

Tantan, the popular Chinese application for dating, which makes matches for various people by ‘likes’ has been banned from the Chinese play stores and is not even available anywhere in the country since the government strives to clean up the content stored in the cyberspace history.


This app is not available on the Apple App Store for download anymore. Tantan has already been removed from the major Android Playstore for the mobiles which are manufactured in China. According to some recent news, Tantan is willing to cooperate fully with the government which is having a problem with their application in order to maintain a healthy ecosystem likewise.