What is the most talked about Badoo App?

In recent times, Badoo is the only application that has more singles even than Tinder. It is a dating application as well as a social discovery application, all in one. It is free to download and even to use.


However, you might need to pay some amount in order to unlock its premium features. This application is not only about swiping but it also helps you to discover people who are using the application near your location. Eventually, you can chat with these people too. This application has over almost 345 million people worldwide, so you can guess the number of singles using this app.

Tinder denies on sharing confidential information to Russia

Tinder has denied the sharing of personal data for its Russian users. Russia declares the news that Tinder has been asked to hand over personal data and information of the Russian users who have been using the same over to Federal Security Services (FSB) but that too only on demand.


This means that Tinder will be saving the data and information even messages, texts and also voices and images of its Russian users for at least 6 months in their cloud storage devices. Tinder even has agreed to be added on to the Russian Government’s database of information so that any information regarding any user can be obtained under federal legislation.

A dating app for countryside men & women

Elite Singles: This might just be the right application for you if you are residing in a rural side.  This is a completely new application that makes the matches according to various personality matches.


It is able to get you 3-7 matches every day. Most people using this app are looking for a serious relationship and most of the users even have a degree and also 85% of the user’s age between 30 to 55 years of age.

The application is free to download however you need to purchase an annual subscription in order to make the matches occur.

Elites Single- an app to use for dating

Elites Single is a marvelous application that lets working people find a serious relationship throughout their busy schedule.


This app is pretty easy to use. The site matches the single mainly based upon the Five-Factor Model Theory. Completely based upon your personality and other factors, you could easily get up to 3-7 matches per day. This is simply not an app for a pool of love interests but instead, you have to wait until the app itself provides a match to you.

Once the matching has been done, the usual process of browsing through their profiles and texting them can be done likewise.

What is Clover Dating? How Does it Work?

If you have ever wanted to omit the factor of swipe/ message/ match and just wanted to continue for a normal date night with the ease of ordering an Uber then, Clover is just the application for you.

Mainly works with 3 main sections:

1. Match Queue: here you will see potential matches for yourself. Just like tinder, if a match occurs then you can start chatting with the other person without any hassle.
2. On-Demand Dating: here you scroll through lots of people who are interested in dating. If you are interested just send them a text mentioning a date and location and if the other person responds the same then you are good to go.
3. Mixers: You could just join a group or create one for you with people who share similar interests and thus start starting with the people all at one or even direct message them.

Download Chatroulette v1.34

Chatroulette is an application where the users are able to connect with various unknown strangers online and chat with them accordingly.


The greatest advantage of this application is that the users need not register to the application to chat with anybody. The chat sessions are anonymous so there is absolutely no reason for you to panic since your identity will not be revealed and you can easily talk to the other person without any hassle. The video mode even has an inbuilt text chat Window where you can text and talk to the other person while video chatting.

Download Chatroulette v1.98

Chatroulette is one of the most interesting and exclusive ways of meeting random people online. Chatroulette lets each and every user have one talk to the other person according to their own requirements and the person is picked by us only based on the various interests you put up before chatting.


Intensive care is taken by this application regarding privacy since all of the data is stored within the application and it would not be revealed unless you yourself reveal your identity to the other person. Also, you can stop chatting with the other person anytime you feel like without any hassle.

Download Chatroulette v1.98

If you are tired of using the same old social media sites and also tired of registering to each and every social media site you log in to then Chatroulette might just be the application right for you.


It allows its users to socialize with other persons without the need to register themselves for the application. It is a reliable and most trustworthy application to date where all of your data and privacy are stored within the app and none of your identity would be revealed. Chatroulette randomly pairs two strangers based on the interests which are required to be filled in before chatting and starts a one on one conversation with the other person.

Download Chatroulette v1.1

If you are feeling alone and bored by meeting with the same old friends then it might just be the right time for you to find new friends.


You need not go anywhere outside your home, however. Within the presence of your own comfortable house, all you need to do is use the application named Chatroulette. Chatroulette is basically an application via which you can chat with millions of users from all around the world without any hassle. Your identity and private data would not be revealed anyhow and you could just easily remain anonymous unless you yourself want to reveal your identity.

Download Chatroulette v2.27

Chatroulette is a beautiful online application via which you can chat with complete strangers without the need to signup or register within the application.



Also, all of your data and privacy is completely safe with us and you can chat with other unknown strangers without the need to revealing your identity. This app finds people for you to chat based on the interests you put up before starting the chat. Chatroulette even allows two kinds of chats which you can look forward to, namely, protected and unprotected. In the protected chat system, your IP address will be well hidden before chatting so that nobody could track you in any way possible.